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Chemotherapy (Chemo)

Chemotherapy is different than other types of treatment such as radiation or surgery which are considered local treatments. Chemotherapy is used to treat the whole body and is therefore called a systemic treatment. There are over 100 types of chemotherapy drugs currently on the market, but with ongoing clinical trials newer more effective drugs that target specific cancers will soon be available. Chemotherapy is used to cure cancer, control it, or as palliative care (relieve symptoms.) It can either be given by itself or as adjuvant therapy when it is combined with other treatment options.

Tips for chemotherapy treatment

Our patients are offered small snacks and beverages at no charge from our hospitality cart that is staffed by our volunteers. We also have vending and soda machines available for you or your family members and a café that offers breakfast and lunch (Russel Hill location only). Please ask a staff member for directions.