(Oct 2021) - It's Hispanic Heritage Month!  When we think about this month, the first word that comes to our mind is the word 'Family'. 

Our genetic counselor, Laura Moreno, has published a blog post - in Spanish - that offers questions to discuss with family members and next steps to take if you suspect a risk of hereditary cancer in your family.  

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(Oct 2021) - Dr. Jorge Diaz, a hematologist and oncologist at Clearview Cancer Institute in Huntsville says the best news on the subject of breast cancer is that it can usually be cured.  Early screening by mammography and ultrasound have improved the chances of surviving cancer by leaps and bounds, Diaz said.

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(Oct 2021) - As an oncology nurse, Breast Cancer Awareness Month has a different meaning for me.  Breast cancer awareness is a commitment to a patient and a commitment to the memories that shape who I am daily.

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(Oct 2021) -The medical community’s treatments and understanding of breast cancer continues to improve.  Dr. Kanth Katragadda is a hematologist and medical oncologist at Clearview Cancer Institute. He recently sat down with The Rocket to talk about some of the promising new treatment options, new research and overall progress as it pertains to breast cancer.

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