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Clearview Cancer Institute welcomes Dr. Barlow and Family to the Shoals


(August 2022) - From South Mississippi, to 6 hard working years of medical training at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), Dr. Brett Barlow and his family are now joining the Shoals community.


Dr. Barlow is joining our team of highly skilled oncologists at Clearview Cancer Institute and is now seeing patients at our Shoals location.


It is important to Dr. Barlow that he treats his patients according to what is most important to them.

“In my experience, cancer is, in many people’s lives one of the biggest events in not only in the lives of the patient, but also the lives of their family members and those who love them,” Dr. Barlow said.


Dr. Barlow, his wife, and 3 children with one on the way, are looking forward to seeing what Florence has to offer.

“I come from a small town myself, and really, we were looking for a small town that had a lot to offer. We looked at Florence, and we’re really impressed by the robust community, all the beautiful nature around, all the opportunities and resources you have here, but still maintaining that really small-town feel.”


cover 2Dr. Barlow describes one reason why he was drawn to Clearview Cancer Institute.

“The profound institutional support they offer. How really, they are equipped to offer state of the art, high quality care with even phase one trials. Here in North Alabama, you don’t have to travel far to get the most up to date care.”


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(October 2021) - Dr. Ben Miriovsky and his family are excited for a new adventure in Huntsville, Alabama after moving more than 2,300 miles from Bend, Oregon.

Dr. Miriovsky has joined our team of highly skilled oncologists at Clearview Cancer Institute and is now seeing patients at our Crestwood and main campus locations in Huntsville. 

Even though Dr. Miriovsky is new to Huntsville, he has been practicing for several years. 

"I am very confident and competent in what needs to happen, even as I learn how to make it happen in Huntsville and in the CCI environment. There is no question that I know what we need to do to move your care forward and walk with you through this journey," Dr. Miriovsky said.

Dr. Miriovsky, his wife, and eight children are looking forward to getting to know more about Huntsville and the North Alabama community.

"We love that no matter where we go we run into somebody that we crossed paths with in some other sphere of our lives and that there is just so much to do in this really growing area." Dr. Miriovsky added, "We came here looking for a different sense of community than we found in the Pacific Northwest, a sense of community with school, with work, and in our church, just to be involved in all of those different aspects of our life." 

He also explained what led him to the field of oncology.

"As I was going through my medical training I was drawn to oncology because of the pace of change and the really cool science that is happening behind the scenes, behind the clinical care. The longer I've done this, the more I have realized that I was called to do this.  There is ministry in this work as people walk through this disease process," Dr. Miriovsky said. 

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(July 2021)- Clearview Cancer Institute proudly welcomed Dr. Heather Brody to the Shoals in July. Following her residency, Dr. Brody completed a fellowship in oncology and hematology at East Carolina University in Greeneville, North Carolina. 

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(October 2021)-Dr. Daniel Kingsley and his family are excited to return to Alabama after being away for several years.

Dr. Kingsley previously worked at Clearview Cancer Institute's Huntsville location and said he is excited to return to North Alabama. 

"One thing that excites me about being back here is the fact that I am back with my first practice. I started at CCI in 2008. Clearview Cancer, there's a lot of great doctors and even more amazing staff. They have a mission, they have a mission for taking care of patients," Dr. Kingsley said. 

Dr. Kingsley is a fellow with the American College of Physicians and is boarded in four specialties - internal medicine, oncology, hematology, and hospice & palliative medicine. He received his medical degree from the University of Alabama and completed his Internal Medicine residency at UAB Health Center in Montgomery. 

When we asked Dr. Kingsley what led him to the field of oncology he said, "Oncology just appealed to me and it was the patients. The patients are what made the choice of oncology just natural and now that I've been doing it for so long I realized that God put me in the right place for what is best for me as well as the patients." 

Dr. Kingsley and his wife have six children ages 10 to 17. 

"We do a lot of things as a family, we love outdoors, we love sports. We also do a lot of traveling," Dr. Kingsley said.

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