3 Time Cancer Survivor Reflects on Survivors’ Day

Pam Malone, a three-time cancer survivor, says Survivors’ Day at Clearview Cancer Institute is a celebratory day, as she reflects on her cancer journeys.  Dr. Marshall Schreeder has been treating Malone at CCI in Huntsville for nearly a decade.

“I survived!  I love telling people ‘I’m a survivor,’” said Malone.  “You come here so many times for treatment and you leave and you’re sick.  Well, today, I’m not sick.” 

Malone teared up as she reflected on driving through the line of supporters and cheerleaders. “When I came through and everyone was yelling ‘Happy Survivors’ Day’, I thought, ‘Thank you so much!’”  It uplifted my spirit.  I’m thankful for all these people out here. I’m thankful for Clearview Cancer Institute. It means more than I can explain.”

Survivors’ Day is an annual celebration hosted by Clearview Cancer Institute to honor patients and caregivers.  Drive-through events were held in Huntsville, Decatur, Jasper and Anniston.

“Every day, we fight. You fight. We want you to enjoy the days and months and years to come,” said Dr. Marshall Schreeder. “We love your life, we love you living your life.  We love your success.  We are here for you every step of the way.”

More than 1,500 patients and care givers came through the Survivors’ Day events.