A Breast Cancer Patient’s Journey from Volunteer to CCI Employee

If you’ve ever visited our Russel Hill location in Huntsville, you’ve likely seen Stefanie Greenleaf’s smiling face at the front desk, in the infusion area, or just about anywhere!

Stefanie is a breast cancer survivor and went from patient to volunteer and now, employee.  She started her journey at CCI with a breast cancer diagnosis in 2019 and underwent six rounds of chemotherapy.

“When I received my very first treatment, I realized quickly that this facility is truly just a big family, and I knew that I wanted to be part of CCI,” said Greenleaf.  As Stefanie received treatment in the infusion area, she noticed volunteers assisting patients.  Greenleaf was immediately interested in the opportunity.

“I started out part time one of day a week, started working two shifts a week in the infusion area, and then I just knew that I needed to be at CCI full time, so I resigned from my job and the rest is history.”

The patients, care givers and staff are blessed daily by Stefanie’s presence.  “I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. You are not just a number.  You are not just a name. You really are someone, an individual to the team, a patient that we all care about and want to help make the journey a little bit easier.”

If you are a cancer survivor or care giver of a cancer patient, you may be eligible to volunteer at a Clearview Cancer location near you. Find out more information and apply to volunteer online.