A smile and a yellow Lamborghini: Brian Land offering rides for cancer patients

While people often hope to one day purchase their dream car, Brian Land of Huntsville recently made it a reality. Not only did Brian purchase a Lamborghini Aventador SV roadster, only one of 500 in the world, he did it for a good cause.

 It all started after he was diagnosed with cancer 11 years ago. Brian was scrolling on social media and saw something that caught his attention.

“I saw a little boy was dying of cancer and his dad said he loves exotic cars and asked if somebody would please bring one by?, and they did, they brought a lot by and it made me emotional,” Land said.

It was at that point where Brian told himself that once he had enough money, he would purchase a car and take cancer patients for a ride. He also founded ‘Smile Awhile Inc.’ with the mission to give back to cancer patients and help put a smile on their faces, which is what Brian hopes this car will do.

“This means a lot to me because I can relate to these patients. I have done exactly what they have done, chemo. We may have different types of cancer but I know what chemo is and how it affects you. You’re down and you’re in a sad place and anything you can get to bring a smile will help you and that is what I hope this will do,” Land said.

If you know someone that is a cancer patient and would like to contact Brian about a ride, you can e-mail info@smileawhileinc.org

There is also a Facebook page you can visit to learn more about Brian’s mission HERE.

You can watch our interview with Brian on our Clearview Cancer Institute Facebook page HERE.