Breast Cancer Survivor and Daughter Reflect on Treatment

For mother-daughter duo Cathy and Jordan Lee, what started as a fateful breast cancer diagnosis turned into an opportunity for them to grow closer in their relationship.

Cathy Lee, now a two-time breast cancer survivor, was diagnosed for the first time when her daughter Jordan was just five years old.

“When my mom was first diagnosed, I don’t think I understood what was going on necessarily, I just knew she was sick,” said Jordan.

Jordan said she vividly remembers her dad shaving her mom’s hair as she made the decision to wear a wig for the remainder of her breast cancer journey.

“I didn’t realize how much I wanted to be just like her until I wanted to start wearing wigs everyday like she did,” says Jordan.

With Cathy in her short wig and five-year-old Jordan with her matching bob-style haircut, the pair took professional photos together to document the time and their close relationship. The mother and daughter now look back and laugh on how they matched hairstyles all those years ago.

Cathy was diagnosed with breast cancer a second time more than a decade later and returned to Clearview Cancer Institute (CCI) for treatment.

“The second time she was diagnosed really stuck out to me because it grew our relationship even more. I will never forget taking my mom to treatment and staying there with her,” said Jordan.

Cathy reflected on her time in treatment and says that her whole family is so appreciative of CCI and the care she received during both of her treatment times.

“Dr. Schreeder was just the most caring doctor. I could call CCI at the drop of a hat for anything that I needed. I just appreciate everything that they did for us,” said Cathy.

Cathy said she really tries to live each day fully and remind herself how thankful she is to beat breast cancer not once, but two separate times.

“I am very fortunate and blessed to still be here talking about it,” said Cathy.