Breast Cancer Survivor Celebrates Diagnosis Anniversary by Giving Back

Vicki Jo Sharp is a breast cancer survivor that was diagnosed 10 years ago at Clearview Cancer Institute in Decatur. She went through treatment with Dr. Heather Shah and has been cancer free for 9 years now! On July 16th Vicki celebrated her breast cancer diagnosis by bringing bags of snacks, crossword puzzles, water, and other items for patients going through treatment.  

“It was the worst day, so doing these bags makes me turn this day in to a good day, instead of a bad day,” said. Vicki. 

Unlike previous years when she’s done this, this year Vicki brought in 100 bags full of surprises for our patients. She was thankful to have donations from friends and family along with a group called Merry Widows of Joe Cain, that Vicki is a part of.   

“I have the idea, but they make it happen, and seeing all of the bags done in my house overwhelms me. Every time I look, I have to fightback tears because I am so thankful for all of them.”  

Vicki along with her husband, son, sister, and friend from Merry Widows of Joe Cain came to CCI in Decatur to distribute bags to the patients. She spoke to many patients and told them her story of battling breast cancer. She reiterated to patients that, “You got to do it. You do it, and you get through it, and you just power through. Then you live life to the fullest after.”    

During Vicki’s treatment, she was being taken of care by Dr. Shah in Decatur. Vicki said that Dr. Shah spoke directly to her son, who was in 1st grade at the time, to comfort him. She continued to say that if her and her family ever had any questions or concerns, that Dr. Shah would always take care of it. “The nurses here are amazing and they always took care of me.”