Breast Cancer Survivor Reflects on Motherhood Amid Treatment

For Katy Jo McDaniel, motherhood completely changed when a cancer diagnosis at the age of 32 shook her to her core.

McDaniel recounted the day she was contacted about her diagnosis and how at that moment she could not be a mom.

“My husband had just gone to work, I sent my oldest outside to play in the snow, and my little one was 8 months old. I put her in her little bouncy seat, and I put the TV on because I knew that phone call was coming,” said McDaniel.

The young mother says she answered the call only to hear the words ‘unfortunately’ on the other end of the line. She knew then that her journey with cancer was officially underway.

“I came to CCI and met with Dr. Daniel Schreeder and he was just such a calming presence. After we met him, it was the first time that my husband and I felt like we could take a breath,” said McDaniel.

During some of her first appointments with Dr. Schreeder, McDaniel said that he gave her hope to anchor on to by acknowledging that while the journey is difficult and intimidating, it was something she would get through.

After six months of treatment, she received the all clear and was able to ring the bell in the CCI facility, signifying the end of her battle with breast cancer. Joined by a large support group of friends and family to cheer her on, McDaniel celebrated her personal victory by bringing her daughters alongside her to ring the bell.

McDaniel reflected on her own cancer journey and how much the process of motherhood changed for her in those few months.

“There was a lot of control as a mom that I had to give up during that time. I’ve always been a very hands-on mom; that’s just kind of who I am and there was a lot of ‘I can’t be the one for you right now’ and that is devastating as a mom,” said McDaniel.

She says that during the time of diagnosis and treatment with her then kindergartener and 8-month-old, she realized that God opened her eyes to so many people in her life that were able to care and step in different areas where she couldn’t.

“As far as any kind of active treatment, I’m done and now I’m just momma again,” said McDaniel with a smile on her face.

Clearview Cancer Institute celebrates all of its cancer survivors and is proud to be a part of stories much like Katy Jo’s.