Cancer Screenings Recommended by Oncologist

Cancer screenings are vital to the early detection and prevention of cancer.  At Clearview Cancer Institute, we recommend routine screenings for all men and women. According to Dr. John Waples, oncologist and hematologist at CCI, there are some exceptions to the rules, but there are fundamentals that everybody should know.


Cervical cancer screening:

  • Cervical cancer screenings start at age 25
  • Follow your gynecologist’s recommendations for frequency of screening after 25

Breast cancer screening:

  • Women should get their first mammogram starting at age 40
  • Women should continue routine mammograms annually

Prostate cancer screening: 

  • Men should have prostate cancer screenings annually
  • Talk to your primary care doctor about which test is appropriate for you


Colon cancer scereening:

  • Screenings start at age 45 for both men and women
  • If a colonoscopy discovers polyps, those can be removed, which could prevent cancer
  • A colonoscopy can also catch colon cancer at a much earlier stage, when it’s easier to treat

“Don’t be bashful,” said Dr. Waples.  “This is your health we’re talking about. Sometimes you only get one shot to prevent things. Get it done. Preventing cancer is a lot better than treating cancer and catching it early is a lot better than catching it later.”

Pay attention to your body. If you have any questions about which screenings are appropriate for you or if exceptions apply, ask your Clearview Cancer Institute care team.