Clearview Cancer Institute Provides Excellent Cancer Care Close to Home

Clearview Cancer Institute (CCI) is north Alabama’s leading cancer treatment facility that has provided leading-edge treatment and compassionate care for over 30 years. Almost every service and amenity that is necessary in an outpatient setting can be found at Clearview Cancer Institute.

When asked about what sets Clearview Cancer Institute apart from other cancer organizations, Anne Marie Rainey, Director of Quality and Value Based Care, highlighted four main areas where CCI excels. These areas include the number of services provided, the benefit of local cancer care, unmatched high-quality care, and affordability.

“Clearview is in a great position to provide medical oncology and hematology services for almost everything,” said Rainey. “You don’t have to go to a larger organization that could be hours away to receive high quality care.”

In terms of locality and a sense of community, Rainey stressed that patients’ ability to receive their care locally is so important. According to Rainey, CCI is able to tap into local resources and services, such as support groups, to further support their patients in the Tennessee Valley.

“Local cancer care means patients are able to keep personal and professional obligations which allows them to have a greater quality of life at the time of diagnosis and at the time of treatment,” said Rainey.

In terms of compliance, CCI provides services and treatments that are in accordance with national guidelines, meaning patients are afforded the same quality of treatments here that they may receive at any larger cancer institution.

“We also regularly coordinate with larger organizations like Vanderbilt, UAB, and MD Anderson,” said Rainey. “So if there are patients that do have a more complex case and they need to seek a specialist related to a specific diagnosis, we’ll work with that specialist to make sure you’re getting the care that you need, and you can still receive treatment right here at home.”

Studies show that community cancer centers not only provide a higher quality of care, but also provide a lower cost than a lot of academic medical centers or hospitals. Clearview Cancer Institute represents this statistic well, as affordability and cost are a pillar that the organization values.