Clearview Cancer Institute welcomes Dr. Miriovsky to Huntsville

Dr. Ben Miriovsky and his family are excited for a new adventure in Huntsville, Alabama after moving more than 2,300 miles from Bend, Oregon.

Dr. Miriovsky has joined our team of highly skilled oncologists at Clearview Cancer Institute and is now seeing patients at our Crestwood and main campus locations in Huntsville. 

Even though Dr. Miriovsky is new to Huntsville, he has been practicing for several years. 

“I am very confident and competent in what needs to happen, even as I learn how to make it happen in Huntsville and in the CCI environment. There is no question that I know what we need to do to move your care forward and walk with you through this journey,” Dr. Miriovsky said.

Dr. Miriovsky, his wife, and eight children are looking forward to getting to know more about Huntsville and the North Alabama community.

“We love that no matter where we go we run into somebody that we crossed paths with in some other sphere of our lives and that there is just so much to do in this really growing area.” Dr. Miriovsky added, “We came here looking for a different sense of community than we found in the Pacific Northwest, a sense of community with school, with work, and in our church, just to be involved in all of those different aspects of our life.” 

He also explained what led him to the field of oncology.

“As I was going through my medical training I was drawn to oncology because of the pace of change and the really cool science that is happening behind the scenes, behind the clinical care. The longer I’ve done this, the more I have realized that I was called to do this.  There is ministry in this work as people walk through this disease process,” Dr. Miriovsky said. 

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