Patient Survey Highlights Exceptional Staff

At Clearview Cancer Institute, our commitment to providing exceptional care to our patients goes beyond medical treatment. We understand the emotional and psychological toll that cancer can take on individuals and their families. Recently, we conducted a comprehensive patient survey to gauge the effectiveness of our services and the overall satisfaction of our patients. The results we obtained were not only heartening but also served as a testament to our dedication to improving the lives of those battling cancer.

“The survey shed light on the positive impact of our patient-centered approach, where individuals feel empowered and actively involved in decision-making regarding their treatment,” said Michelle Brown, Chief Operations Officer at Clearview Cancer Institute. “This collaborative approach fosters a sense of ownership over one’s health journey and promotes better treatment adherence and outcomes. We see this reflected in the survey results.”

Questions & Results

While the results of the patient survey serve as a source of encouragement and validation, we recognize that our journey towards excellence is ongoing. Below are a few additional questions and responses from the survey:

  • In the past six months, how often did your provider explain things in a way that was easy to understand?
    Response: 93% of patients answered “Always”
  • In the past six months, how often did the provider listen to you carefully?
    Response: 94% of patients answered “Always”
  • Clinical staff include nurses, medical assistants, technicians, and other people that provide care to you. In the past six months, how often was the clinical staff as helpful as you thought they should be?
    Response: 94% of patients answered “Always”

Thank you for the feedback

Clearview Cancer Institute remains committed to continuous improvement, driven by feedback from our patients and advancements in cancer research and care. You can leave feedback for the staff anytime using these resources:

At Clearview Cancer Institute, the journey toward healing extends far beyond the treatment plan, and our staff is well equipped to care for your needs.