Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Dr. Brett Barlow, oncologist at Clearview Cancer Institute, wanted to give some helpful advice on how to catch prostate cancer early, before it makes any long term impact on your life.

Dr. Barlow says the best way to catch any cancer early is by getting your screenings.

“Screening is testing for a cancer that you have no signs or symptoms of, but it’s to detect a cancer early before it causes any long-term impact on your life”

Dr. Barlow continues by explaining how prostate cancer screenings aren’t as invasive as they once were.

“Screenings for prostate cancer comes down to a simple blood test that you can have done at your primary care doctor.”

Dr. Barlow sources American Cancer Society’s Recommendations for Prostate Cancer Screenings:

  • Have an individualized discussion with your primary care doctor depending on your personal risk.
    • All men should start having that discussion at the age of 50 – 70.
    • African American men should start having the discussion a little earlier at the age of 45.
    • For those who have a strong family history of with prostate cancer you may want to discuss that even earlier.

“Just remember to get screened if you’re in the right risk groups and get that cancer taken care of before it becomes a long-term problem.”