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Patient and Family Advisory Council

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Patient and Family Advisory Council

Our Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is composed of representatives from Clearview’s staff, patients, and caregivers.  Our council members are essential partners in our Institute’s mission to provide cutting edge quality and comprehensive patient- and family-centered care.  We are fortunate to have many caring volunteers who support this mission through their dedicated service to our patients, families, and visitors.  One of the greatest benefits of serving on our advisory council at Clearview is the satisfaction of knowing you are assisting to create a more positive patient-and family-centered care experience during a critical time in their lives.                        

Our Mission: To incorporate patient, caregiver, family, and team members experiences that will enhance Clearview’s mission to provide patient- and family-centered care.

Our Vision: For every patient to experience the best possible care that is cutting edge, effective, reliable, transparent, and attentive.

What is PFAC?

  • Patient and Family Advisory Council focused on Patient- and Family-Centered Care
    • A volunteer group made of patients, family, caregivers, and staff who provide additional feedback post treatment and services to bring a better awareness of the current policy and procedures.
    • Respectfully shares ideas and information
    • Acknowledges patient and family preferences, values, and needs – regardless of their own
    • Coordinates findings with clinicians and administration for effective outcomes

Patient and Family Advisor Council Roles and Responsibilities                                  

  • To encourage considerate, productive, and focused partnerships between patient, family, and clinicians.
  • To support collaboration between all council members, patient, family, and CCI staff.
  • To develop new systems that will enhance our cutting-edge quality and comprehensive patient care to prevent, monitor, diagnose, and treat cancer.
  • To create a more patient- and family-centered atmosphere at all locations

Patient and Family Advisor Council – Meetings

  • Discuss personal healthcare experiences here at CCI to other PFAC members to promote positive growth.
  • Group discussion to brainstorm ways in which we can improve our cutting-edge quality and comprehensive patient care to prevent, monitor, diagnose, and treat cancer.
  • Feedback on current care, quality, services, and safety received at CCI.
  • Share any immediate patient and family needs or concerns.
  • Serve on focus groups at times.

Patient and Family Advisor Council – Year in Review

The PFAC provided valuable feedback and insight into processes for the benefit of Clearview Cancer Institute, patients and caregivers.  Click here to learn more about the council’s accomplishments.

Interested in joining our Patient and Family Advisory Council at Clearview? We invite you to apply online.

PFAC Online Membership Application

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Clearview Cancer Institute has started using a new patient portal, called Noona, in order to better connect patients with their care team.

If you have an email address on file, be on the lookout for an invitation email to sign up. Your care team can also help you register during your next visit. CareSpace will be available for a limited time.

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