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Cancer Treatment & Oncologists Madison, AL

Clearview Cancer Institute – Madison


Open Fridays 8:00am – 4:00pm
12090 County Line Rd, Ste B Madison, AL 35756   (click to open in Google maps)


The Clearview Cancer Institute Madison location is open on Fridays for new oncology or hematology patients. While this cancer center is not an infusion clinic, our physician, Dr. Ehab El-Bahesh, will consult patients on their first visit and help establish a custom cancer or blood disorder treatment plan. Patients can receive treatment at our Decatur cancer clinic, Huntsville cancer clinic, or our Shoals’ clinics. All of these locations are full infusion clinics that treat all types of cancers and blood disorders. These cancer centers offer genetic testing and counseling, financial counseling, a team of social workers, genomic testing, and stage I-IV clinical trials. The Madison clinic will also see follow-up appointments when no treatment is needed.


At the first oncology appointment, the doctor will explain which treatment options are available, how effective they are, and the side effects. Your previous testing, such as scans, is essential for your first visit, so your doctor may determine what next steps should be taken. Then the oncologist will recommend a course of action and talk about when the treatments should take place.


At the first hematology visit, the doctor will review your entire medical history, discuss the symptoms you are experiencing, and perform a physical exam. The hematologist will also need to examine your blood to identify abnormal characteristics. This typically includes a complete blood count (CBC), which is a test that measures the major components of the blood, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, and hemoglobin. Many patients have already received extensive testing to determine their diagnosis, so the first appointment may focus on reviewing your previous testing and setting up an updated test to note any changes in results.


Here at the Madison clinic, we take great care of our patients’ wants and needs. It is scary for anyone to have cancer, and it is our goal to make everyone feel comfortable in one of the most trying times. This location is designed to intake new patients at their convenience and to set up follow-up appointments when no treatment is needed.

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