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Peer-to-Peer Program

Our Peer-to-Peer Program is designed to connect patients and caregivers one-on-one with a volunteer patient or caregiver that understands the journey ahead.  The primary goal is to lessen the worry and stresses that might occur following a diagnosis by providing a listening ear and support. The Peer-to-Peer Program will serve to provide additional support and in no way take the place of clinical care.  We are fortunate to have many caring volunteers who support this mission through their dedicated service to our patients, families, and visitors.                       

What is the Peer-to-Peer Program?

  • A free of charge support program for those newly diagnosed with cancer or caregiver for a patient receiving care by Clearview Cancer Institute
  • This program strives to match patients and caregivers with a volunteer that understands your journey ahead, a mentor who has gone through similar diagnoses and treatment.
  • The support program’s primary goal is to lessen the worry and stresses that might occur following a diagnosis.

Roles and Responsibilities of Mentor:                                 

  • To provide additional support and resources to patients and caregivers experiencing a similar cancer diagnosis
  • To listen and share personal healthcare experiences
  • To encourage, uplift, and provide extra information to patient/caregiver
  • To set realistic expectations for patient and support system on treatment and the cancer journey
  • To provide open communication on topics only a survivor or caregiver would understand
  • To strengthen collaboration between MD Care Team members, patient, family, and CCI staff
  • Never to diagnose patient or medical problem, nor offer medical advice


  • How long does it take to be paired with a Peer Support Mentor?
  • What are some common conversation topics asked of the mentors?
    • Stigma, social experiences, how to share the news with others following diagnosis
    • What kind of side effects did the mentor experience?
    • Tips on dealing with side effects
    • Best ways to navigate the medical system – MD care team point of contact
    • How to support family and friends while also focusing on treatment and healing
    • Ways to prepare for long treatment days, scans, tests, transplant, surgery
  • What ways do Peer-to-Peer members communicate?
    • Form of contact that works for both support volunteer and patient/caregiver, such as telephone, email, text messages, video chat

Interested in joining our Peer-to-Peer Program at Clearview? We invite you to apply online.

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