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Financial Services

Our financial counselors are available for appointments and will review your individual healthcare policy benefits and explain your financial responsibility for services scheduled/rendered, explaining terms and answering any questions you may have in regard to your responsibility of treatments and doctor appointments. Please bring all insurance cards or information with you to the appointment. We will verify that we have correct and legible information to file your primary and any secondary policy.

Insured patients, with the exception of those insured by Traditional Medicare, are typically responsible for office visit co-payments at each visit. Deductibles, co-insurance, and non- covered services up to the maximum out-of-pocket (per your benefit policy) are a normal patient responsibility as well. The financial counselor will discuss your estimated responsibility and you have the option to pay in full or arrange a payment plan if necessary. They will also provide information regarding drug assistance programs which, if you qualify financially, will pay specific out of pocket expenses.

Deductibles and coinsurance responsibility over $1,000.00 per year may be set up on an agreed payment schedule to be paid within a maximum of three to six monthly payments.

Definitions of Common Insurance Terms

Co-pays or co-payments: a set amount or fee required by the insurance company to be paid by the patient on the day they are scheduled to visit the doctor’s office. Our physicians are specialists in hematology and/or Oncology and you may have higher co-pay (per your policy) for a specialist than for your family or general practice doctor. Co-pays are typically due each time the patient visits a physician’s office and do not apply to maximum out-of-pocket. Co-pays will be collected at the front desk upon sign in and are due on the day of service.

Deductible: amount of money specified by your insurance that you (the insured) must pay to a provider of service before the insurance will begin to pay. Deductibles are usually per calendar year from January to December. This dollar amount varies by plan and insurance company.

Co-insurance: the dollar amount which your health insurance plan requires you to pay in addition to the amount the health insurance plan pays the provider. This is your legal obligation as part of your contract with our insurance plan. If your health insurance plan pays on a claim submitted by the provider, the provider is obligated to collect the amount due from the patient as per our contract with the health insurance plan and our physicians and nurse practitioners.

Clearview Financial Counselors:

Carrie Lawson
Huntsville – Russel Hill Location (Dr. Mathews, Dr. D. Schreeder, Dr. M. Schreeder)
Phone: 256-705-4276

Megan Smith
Huntsville – Russel Hill Location (Dr. Bedoya, Dr. El-Bahesh, Dr. Katragadda)
Phone: 256-327-5985

Kimberly McKnight
Huntsville – Russel Hill Location (Dr. Waples, Dr. Nicholson, Dr. McGee)
Phone: 256-327-5645
Fax: 256-327-9240

Dana Arnold
Crestwood Location (Dr. Miriovsky, Dr. P. Dang, Dr. Diaz)
Phone: 256-327-5770

Carrie Acton
Decatur location (Dr. Bedoya, Dr. Patel, Dr. Shah)
Phone: 256-642-2491

Melinda Raughton
Anniston location (Dr. Conry, Dr. Hagler, Dr. Atallah)
Phone : 256-238-1011
Fax: 256-327-9295

Barbara Kimbrough
Cullman and Jasper locations (Dr. Garcia, Dr. Stubbs)
Florence-Veterans Drive location (Dr. Barlow, Dr. Brody, Dr. Kingsley)
Phone: 256-862-3043

Tammara Sears
Florence-Singing River Cancer Center Location (Dr. Barlow, Dr. Brody, Dr. Kingsley)
Phone: 256-284-6042

Jackie Sharpton
Muscle Shoals Location (Dr. Daugherty)
Phone: 256-862-3050

Melissa Stinson
Billing Office
Phone: 256-327-5637

Tiana Magee
Billing Office
Phone: 256-327-5733

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