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Educational Classes

Educational Classes

Chemotherapy and You

Learn more about chemotherapy by watching this brief educational video.

Chemotherapy and You will teach you what to expect when beginning chemotherapy, side effects, and symptoms. This class is open to any of our patients and their caregivers. No registration is required to attend.

Coping with Cancer

The group is led by Ron Williams, M.S. in Counseling, Pastoral Counselor. He has also authored several books dealing with grief and loss. This class is for patients as well as family members but more designed for patients. It is a group style class that allows patients to talk about what they are going through and what is “normal” for cancer patients. The class will help patients gain a sense of empowerment, improve coping skills, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide support.

Smoking Cessation – How to stop smoking classes

Smoking Cessation Classes are now available on our website.

Click Here to view classes.

Exercise Programs

Click Here for exercise program details and video.

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