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Dr. Patrick Daugherty

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Dr. Patrick Daugherty

Dr. Patrick Daugherty has served oncology patients in the Shoals for nearly four decades. He helped build a successful practice in Florence and Muscle Shoals, Northwest Cancer Center, and will now be joining Clearview Cancer Institute, in order to provide medical oncology services through a collaborative and united approach.

Dr. Daugherty earned his medical degree from University of Alabama. He completed his residency at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and continued in Philadelphia at Temple University Hospital for fellowship. Dr. Daugherty will see patients in the Muscle Shoals location.

Dr. Daugherty enjoys traveling abroad for mission trips.

What patients of Dr. Daugherty are saying…

“Dr. Daugherty is the best. He was there for me in 2015 during my cancer diagnosis and has been there for me ever since! He is such a kind and caring man.”  — Sharon

“I have received excellent care from Dr. Daugherty and continue to trust his judgment as he keeps a close check on my health.”  — Nancy

“Dr. Daugherty is one of the best. He cares for his patients in a kind, loving and caring way.”  — Latonya